Kauritatahi Hut

Kauritatahi Hut is maintained with assistance from the Thames Valley Deerstalkers

It is accessed on a side track from the main North South track around 30 minutes south from Thompsons summit. This side track is a rough track needing more work. Initially as it sidles Ngatamahinerua it is just a case of following the track through exuberant vegetation.

Then a point is reached where there is a tree on your right with various markings and some pink paint on it. The track to the hut veers left from here, but you can also veer off to the right following tape, etc down into the gully to the site of the 1963 DC3 crash.

The track to the hut continues on, now getting to some really muddy patches, plus some rock scrambling. Eventually there is a 90 degree turn to the left down to the hut, at its superb location looking out to the Bay Of Plenty.

The hut has 3 bunks plus a hammock. There is also a helicopter landing site between the hut and the toilet where it would be possible to fit a few tents.

There is an introduction to this hut on our Hut Guides page here - see the Kaimai Cullers Huts file

If you have photos of this hut or the surrounding area, please send them to [email protected]