The various menu items here provide access to documents that aim to provide up to date track information.

On this page there are additional guides to some very enjoyable day or multi-day tramps in the Kaimai Range.

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Maintenance of Tracks - Information We Need Please

In general in the Kaimai, DOC maintains the walking tracks and the Kaimai Ridgeway Trust (KRT) volunteer groups maintain the tramping tracks, although there are some overlaps.

We are always keen to receive information about tracks that need attention. This is what we would appreciate receiving regular updates from you for all Kaimai tracks:

  1. How easy is it to follow the track ? The key rule is that it is needing work if you can't easily see where the track goes / where the next markers are
  2. How much vegetation is there encroaching over the track from ground to tall person height, especially where the track is rough underfoot, or where that vegetation hinders your progress along the track ?
  3. How many small treefalls are there ? “Small” meaning ones that a muscly track worker could deal to with a handsaw.
  4. How many large treefalls are there ? Ones where a chainsaw is needed (photos please, preferably also GPS coordinates or marked up topo map)
  5. Any other major hazards on the track (photos please, preferably also GPS coordinates or marked up topo map)

Please email this information to [email protected]