6th: Bruce McLaren racing car at Hindmarsh.

4th: Rathgar Rd shops.


30th: Starling Park, Ranui.

28th: Bullock sculpture at Henderson. 6.6kms

23rd: Lake Panorama, Simpson, Metcalfe Rd loop.

21st: Garelja Rd.

16th: Lake Panorama side streets.

14th: Pook s Rd, Burton Rd loop.

9th: Palm Heights, Kensington.

7th: Corbans Gallery.

2nd: Palm Heights, Palomino loop.


30th: Rathgar Rd, Larissa Ave.

24th: Ranui Domain.

16th: Henderson Police Station floral display.


9th: First walk post-Covid19.


19th: Misty Valley.

17th: View Ridge Drive.

12th: Lake Panorama.

10th: Cranwell Park, Henderson.

5th: Longburn Rd. 6.7kms. To view route Click here

3rd: Waitemata Drive, Ranui.


27th: Opanuku cycleway.

25th: Tasman Ave.

20th: Forest Hill Rd. 6.3kms.

18th: Ani Rangitunoa, near Burton Drive. 6.88kms.

          Route map Click here

          Info on Ani Click here

13th: Ranui community garden at Marinich Drive.

11th: Golden Gumboot at Henderson Valley Rd. 6.1kms.

4th: Henderson, Corban and Opanuku Reserves.