Pony Club Structure

Pony Club in New Zealand is overseen by the New Zealand Pony Clubs Association (NZPCA), which is the national organisation to which Areas, Clubs and Branches are affiliated.

Under the national NZPCA organisation, New Zealand is divided up geographically into 15 areas.  Each area is administed by an Area level Pony Club organisation.  Waitemata Rodney is our Area Pony Club which we are a part of, and stretches from Wellsford down to West Auckland.

Each Area comprises of several Districts or Clubs.  The Waitemata Rodney Area is comprised of Kumeu District, North Harbour District, Wainoni Park Pony Club, Waitemata District, Warkworth District, Wellsford District and West Auckland District.

Some Districts are large stand alone Clubs (such as Wainoni Park Pony Club), other Districts are further comprised of several smaller Branches.  West Auckland is the District that we are part of, and comprises Henderson Valley Pony Club, Massey Pony Club and Te Atatu Pony Club.