Use Of Pony Club Grounds By Non Members

We welcome use of the grounds by non members as guests.

Guests may use the grounds casually by individual arrangement (see below).

We also hope to be able to offer a Grounds User Annual Season Pass (Or a Grounds User Annual Half Season Pass) for the second half of the 2023/2024 season, once facility upgrades and new facility developments have been completed.

Rules Of Grounds Use (as per HVPC Guidelines)

  1. All guests riding on HVPC grounds must read the disclaimer and sign the guestbook (or their parent if the rider is under 18 years of age).  The guest book will always be available on the notice board outside the front of the Clubhouse (by the double doors).
  1. All guests riding on HVPC grounds must either:

           Be accompanied by an HVPC member OR  

           Notify a Committee member and get permission for grounds usage prior

  1. Non members bringing their own horses down to HVPC to ride must sign the guest book and must pay a ground fee of $20/rider.  

       d. All riders on HVPC grounds (including guests) must wear an approved tagged riding helmet and suitable

           footwear  with a heel when riding.

Arrangement For Grounds Use

If you are a non member wanting to use the grounds, please contact a Committee member via the HVPC Public Facebook page.  Preferred payment method of the $20/rider ground fee can be made directly into the Pony Club bank account:

ASB Account: 12-3061-0190227-00

Limitations On Grounds Use

The grounds may be closed prior to an event, or certain areas restricted for use (such as the cross country course being closed for the 2 weeks prior to an ODE).

Riding is not permitted on the grounds during the following times:

- during a scheduled working bee, event set up or event.

- during Junior/Senior rally on a Wednesday evening from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

Riding is permitted, but areas available for use will be limited during the following times:

- during session times for Henderson Riding For The Disabled - Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.00am to 2.00pm.

- over the winter months when the paddocks are closed for riding.

Health & Safety Considerations

Be mindful of other horses grazing in the paddocks, and ensure that all gates are closed at all times.

Give due consideration to electric fences on the property.

All riders under 18 must have an adult present when they are riding.

No rider may jump on their own, regardless of age.  There must be a second person present and accompanying the rider either mounted or on foot.

Approved and tagged back protectors must be worn for cross country.


Get in contact with Amy Buncuga on Facebook or text her on 0223995868 to organise a time to use the grounds.