The Pony Club Season & Rally

Pony Club rallies for Junior and Senior members are held weekly on Wednesday evenings from 6.00pm to 7.30pm during the Pony Club season.  Rallies include both ridden instruction and horse management lessons, to help riders attain their appropriate level Pony Club certificates.

The Pony Club season runs from 1st September through to 31st August.

Rallies run for the first half of the season from October - December, have a break over Xmas and then rallies continue for the second half of the season from February - April, which coincides with daylight savings.

The first rally for 2023/2024 is scheduled for Wednesday 20th September (before the school holidays), running from 6.00pm to 7.30pm. The first rally is unmounted (you don't bring your horse) and includes an introduction session for members and parents.  The first mounted rally will be Wednesday 11th October (after the school holidays).

Pony Club uniform is to be worn at rallies.  This consists of an HVPC polo shirt, plain coloured jodphurs (preferably, but not limited to, beige, white or black), jodphur boots or long boots, and a Pony Club badge.  An HVPC jacket or polar fleece is optional.  Uniform and boots should be clean, hair should be tidy and out of the way (in a plait or pony tail).  Jewellery is permitted, provided that it is safe and discrete.  Long sleeves are recommended for jumping.  Back protectors are compulsory for cross country, and now must be tagged and meet new back protector standards.  An approved and tagged helmet must also be worn when riding at Pony Club.  

Rally Structure & Expectations

Members are expected to turn up for rallies on time 6.00pm on Wednesdays, and attend the rally for the full duration of the rally.  Exceptions are given to those who have to ride home before dark.

Riders are expected to be mounted and ready to ride, and meet near the hitching rail area at 6.00pm sharp.

Notices are given at the beginning of each rally - that’s an important reason for being on time!

Inspection follows the notices – riders, gear and pony are all inspected for “care and cleanliness.”  At the end of the season the rider with the most inspection points and the runner up are presented with awards at the prize giving. Inspection points will not be given if the rider does not attend the full rally.

Each rally group (based on certificate level and ability) go out with their coach for their lesson. The coach plans the rally to cover items on certificate record cards. When the riders record card is completely signed off the rider can sit their next certificate (exam).  Certificates/exams are encouraged, but are not compulsory.

Attendance at rallies is expected. If you are unable to make it for any reason, it is a courtesy to let your coach or the Head Coach know in advance. This is so we are able to ensure we have the right number of coaches on the rally nights. 

Pony Club is meant to be fun.   We cater for children who are just beginning to ride through to those who are more established riders and want to achieve certificates, and riders who just want to have fun as well as those who want to be competitive and compete at events.

Where Parents Fit In

For riders under 18 years of age, their parent is required to be present for the duration of rally.  This is for safety reasons.  If the parent cannot be there, the responsibility can be assigned to another parent for the evening, provided that the coach is notified.

Any notices will be announced at the start of the evening, so it is beneficial for parents also to be there to listen in, especially as messages are not always passed on by riders to their parents

Parents support and assistance to coaches is vital. It’s always greatly appreciated when parents watching their child at rally help set up some simple jumps, pick up poles, help set up a dressage arena or assist with games equipment. Feel free to ask the coach in advance if there is anything that may be needed for that day’s lesson. 

All instruction matters should be discussed with the rally coach in the first instance and where necessary the Head Coach.

Rally Night Duties

Our kitchen is open every Wednesday rally night to supply dinner and snacks for riders and their families.  A kitchen and toilet roster will be drawn up and circulated at the beginning of each half of the season, and all families will be required to take a turn helping in the kitchen.