Use Of Rubber Arena

An online booking system for the rubber arena will be put in place for the winter months when the paddocks are closed for riding and the following guidelines for usage will apply:    

a)  All members must check the online “Arena Booking Sheet” prior to utilising the rubber arena.

b)  The rubber arena cannot be booked more than 14 days in advance.

c)  All sessions are for 45 minutes only.

d)  Each riding member can pre-book the rubber arena for one 45 minute session per weekend and one 45 minute session per week (Mon-Fri).

e)  If a riding member arrives at the grounds and the rubber arena is not booked, they may use the arena in addition to any pre-booked sessions.

f)  Please do not book the same day and time slot more for more than two weeks in a row to be fair to other users.

g)  No jumping is permitted in the rubber arena.

h)   Lunging is permitted in the rubber arena only provided that there are no other arena users present.  It is recommended that a helmet and gloves be worn whilst lunging.

i)   There may only be a maximum of four individual riders in the rubber arena at any one time, unless it is an organised lesson or rally.

j)   Manure must be removed from the rubber arena prior to leaving, using the tools provided.