Applying For Membership

The Application Process

To apply for membership of Henderson Valley Pony Club, please complete the Henderson Valley Pony Club Enrolment Form 2023-2024 (one per family) which can be found under the 'Membership' and then 'Membership Forms' tab.

If a rider is under 18, their parent must also join.  Put the details of all members joining, both riders and parents if applicable on the HVPC Form.

Membership forms once completed, should be given or emailed to the HVPC Secretary, where they will be submitted to the Committee for approval.

All Henderson Valley Pony Club membership fees are paid directly to the Pony Club.

When you join Henderson Valley Pony Club, you also join the national Pony Club organisation, NZPCA.  NZPCA have introduced an online registration process via a online membership portal where Pony Club members complete their NZPCA registration and pay the required NZPCA membership levies.  Please click on the following link to access the NZPCA membership portal:

Please contact us when you do your enrolment and we can guide you through NZPCA online registration component of the process if there are any issues.

Membership Categories

Riding Members

Riding members provide their own horses to ride. There are three categories of riding members:

- Junior Members/Riders, also known as Riders Under 18 years of age

- Senior Members/Riders, also known as Riders 18 - 25 years of age

- Adult Riders (Horsemasters), which are riders over 25 years of age

Non Riding Members 

There are several categories of non riding members:

Parents For Rider Under 18 - riders who are under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian registered as a non riding member.

Coaches - these are coaches who coach at junior/senior rallies and are required to be members of NZPCA for insurance purposes.  They can be members through the Pony Club that they coach at, or through their own Pony Club if they themselves belong to / ride at another Pony Club.  

Other Non Riding Members - these are other adult members of the Pony Club, for example those who are Committee members, coaches, or additional parents who wish to be Pony Club members in their own right.

Life Members - these are Branch appointed members who have been recognised for their long service or association with the Pony Club.

​​​​​​​Junior Equine Skills Members

Junior Equine Skills members are youth members aged between 7 and 13 years of age, who do not have their own horse, and participate in the Pony Club's Junior Equine Skills programme (previously called the Riders Without Horses programme) on rally nights to learn about horses and horse care.

Transferring From Another Pony Club

If you have belonged to another Pony Club and wish to transfer to Henderson Valley Pony Club, it will be necessary to transfer your membership and the NZPCA affiliation by providing a letter from your previous club. If you are a Rider Under 18 or Rider 18-25 involved in the Certificate syllabus in rally, remember also to bring with you your certificate record card which is  a record of your learning.