Valley Rugby Club is a friendly but dedicated medium sized club aimed at providing all members the opportunity to play at various levels.

Our club is run by a small committee and excellent team coaches and managers. We support the development of our players, umpires and coaches and cater for men/children of all ages and abilities.We have a shared Club Room with Valley netball & Cricket situated at Weston Domain and have fields with lighting to train on. We welcome any new members and volunteers to our club!

Valley premier rugby is our undisputed champion team of 2018. Winning the North Otago Competitions Citizen Shield.

Following the 1987 club season, it became apparent that the three rugby clubs based inthe area, being Union, Enfield, and Weston Pirates, no longer had the player base from their relative communities to sustain all three senior teams in the North Otago Rugby football Union competitions. Unwilling to lose the opportunity for the local district to part of community and organized sporting activities, the three clubs agreed to amalgamate prior to the 1988 season, taking the new name Valley. Part of the clubs identity is its location and positioning within the Valley communities, particularly Weston and the wider Waiareka area. The club accepted affiliations from Cricket and Netball clubs incorporating them with the name The Valley Rugby Football Club (Inc). 

In 2018, the club comprised 1 senior rugby teams, 92 JAB rugby players, 2 senior cricket teams, 4 senior netball team and 4 school teams, amounting to over 200 registered members of all ages and genders. Another 80-100 community members are actively or passively involved every Saturday during the sporting season either as coaches, managers, trainers, medic’s, committee members and supporters. 

The club has a base at The Valley sports Ground in Weston. This is a small community 6km west of Oamaru with a population of around 2000 people. As the size of the club in relation to the population suggests, the club and organized sport play a very important part in the community. The ability for local people of all ages to participate in sport is a great asset for this community. Located next to the local Primary school, Weston School, the club sees this is an important aspect to their identity. By providing the facilities of the sports ground to the school and their wider families, the club therefore creates community involvement from an early age.